**fun fun factory**

Mix 1 cute girl, 10 cute bishounen, 1 mischevious fairy, and a LOT of cake and you get "Fun Fun Factory!" I am not fluent in Japanese, so please forgive me if there are errors in my plot description, this is what I have figured out of the story so far :)

High school freshman Mochizuki Michiru lives alone. Her mother is away on business, but sends regular emails so they keep in touch. Michiru's life is otherwise normal. In fact, she thinks it's too normal. She doesn't have a boyfriend, and nothing interesting ever happens to her. This condition doesn't last long after she passes a strange guy on the street. He is really handsome, and is singing a cute and familiar song. Michiru thinks he is really handsome! Later that day, Michiru's best friend Chya-chan takes Michiru to a popular coffee shop called "Fun Fun Factory." Michiru has never been there before, but is surprised to see a familiar face- the handsome guy she passed by that morning! His name is Sonou, and he runs the coffee shop, and in honor of Michiru's birthday (Michiru actually forgot it was her birthday and was surpised that this coffee shop guy knew) he serves her a special dessert from their special menu. The guy is still singing that cute little song.

The dessert is delicious, and Michiru is extremely happy. However, while eating it, Michiru starts singing Sonou's song in her head. She suddenly gets a strange feeling, but dismisses it after it passes. But this is just the beginning! Later, when walking home, Michiru starts singing Sonou's song outloud, and is shocked when cake starts falling from the sky and landing on her head! Yes, CAKE. Falling from the sky. Landing on Michiru. Sploosh! There are several types of cakes, and Michiru is almost flattened by a huge wedding cake. Now Michiru recognizes this as something that does not ordinarily happen, and connects the event with her trip to the coffee shop.


Michiru consults with Sonou, and discovers that there was an ingredient in the dessert she ate that is causing the cake problems. The ingredient was put into the dessert by mistake. Some sort of Magical berry. It is a sort of curse. Every time someone sings that song outloud, cake falls from the sky and lands on Michiru!

Everyone who ordered that item of the menu that day is affected by the magic in a different way. Michiru must find the 10 other people who ate the dessert, and together they can break the curse. So in a way sort of like Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi, Michiru waits to find all 10 of the chosen ones connected to her by the magical dessert. She finds one of them right away. His name is Tsukamoto, and is a hyper, cheerful classmate of Michiru's. The magical curse has made his body taste like sugar, and he now radiates a sweet, cake-like smell. Hahaha! One by one the others are discovered, and the way the magic affects them all is very amusing! How nice that they all happen to be really cute bishounen ^_^

Michiru must find the secret behind the magic curse and the way to break it!

"Fun Fun Factory" is ©Watanabe Yoshitomo and Hakuensha. All images on this site are by Watanabe Yoshitomo unless otherwise noted.