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Beneath the streets of Tokyo, way down below the abandoned subway tunnels, far down deep into the darkness, there is another world. It is a dark, forgotten world, the Tokyo Underground. From this world, two exhausted figures come running. Chelsea Rourke and Ruri Sarasa are involved in a desperate conflict. They are escaping from the underground world and forces of evil are hot on their heels.

Chelsea and Ruri find a temporary safe haven in the home of Rumina Asagi, a tough high school punk. He and his friend Ginosuke help the weary girls and offer them a place to stay. Ruri is an important personage in the underground world, and is called the "Inochi no Miko." Chelsea is Ruri's guard, and helps her to escape. The surface world is a unusual experience for them, and the boys are quite shocked to discover their new houseguests have amazing supernatural powers! However, the danger has not passed. Villains chasing the girls appear on Rumina's doorstep, and the fight continues. Chelsea does her best to protect Ruri, but during a moment of weakness, Rumina steps in to try and help, and he is killed for his efforts!

It is then that the boys learn the strength of Ruri's life powers, when she brings him back to life, awakening his latent Wind powers! Now Rumina has a stronger weapon with which to protect Ruri, and he does his best to learn how to use his new-found strength. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of many fierce battles that test his abilities and serve to strengthen his resolve to protect Ruri.