This site is devoted to one of my favorite mangaka, Miwa Sakai. I have been a fan of her works for some time now, and I just couldn't resist making this fan site. I hope to spread the joy of her works to others. Why did I call this site "Pink Hair and Flowers?" Well, If you look at the covers of Sakai-sensei's works, you will ntice that the huge majority of her heroines have blond or pink hair. My favorites are the girls with pink hair, heheh ^_^ And flowers are a staple of shoujo manga of course! Anyway, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my site!


Sakai MiwaPen Name: Miwa SAKAI
Birthday: Feb 23, 1956
Blood Type: O

Sakai-sensei was born in 1956 in the Kumamoto prefecture. She is married. She debuted in 1978 in Hana to Yume magazine with the title "Toori Sugita Kisetsu." Most of her stories are romances. common themes in her works include office romances, teacher-student relationships, and large age differences between the members of a couple. Like other manga artists, Sakai-sensei has done some doujinshi featuring her own characters. I know of at least two. One is called "Billion Boy" and features two characters from "Billion Girl" and another is called "Naisho x Boy" and is a doujinshi based on her manga of the same name. I don't have either of these doujinshi, but I REALLY~~~~ want them :D