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Hello, Emi here. Welcome to, my little web collective housing some more manga-related web pages! Right now the pages I have hosted here are my Fun Fun Factory page, my Miwa Sakai Shrine, and my Tokyo Underground page. The Tokyo Underground page is still under construction, but there is enough there for people to take a look at, so I added the link. There is also a 'Harukanaru toki no naka de' page that I am working on with Steph, but it isn't ready for public viewing yet :) I am not sure if it ever will be ^_^;;;

My other main site is Over there you can find my pages on Cowboy Bebop, Katte ni Kaizou, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, and many more. Why two domains? Well, I couldn't resist the Piffle Princess name after reading so many CLAMP works ^_^;; I do plan to have more pages located on this domain, so please be sure to check back here often! There may even be a CLAMP-related page here eventually ^_^;;